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Since every state of the US is pretty much free to make their own gambling legislation, there can be huge differences between the regulations. One of the states of the New England region, Connecticut was a little bit left behind on this issue. The state really needed some modernization – especially on the online wagering scene –, so that it can stay competitive with the neighboring states. Now, that they reached an online gambling agreement in Connecticut, the changes are on the horizon. ... read more

Yachtsmen are on the verge of sailing into the 36th America’s Cup race. While there has been some uncertainty about the official starting date of the race, we expect the schedule to start on the 10th of March. The 2021 America’s Cup odds suggest, that Team New Zealand has better chances than the Sicilian team. Read our take on the teams and predicted the outcome of the biggest international sailing race! ... read more

There are certain things that you should know about sports betting vs other forms of gambling before you eventually pick one. There are actually many different popular types of gambling that you can go for. ... read more

They launched legalized sports betting in Virginia on January 21st. The state must have expected a huge leap in the number of gamblers and the amount of money they wager. But they probably did not foresee what just happened in Virginia in the last month. The first reports on sports betting activity is almost shocking. And we cannot predict what the future holds for the gamblers and operators of the Old Dominion. ... read more

Getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is a pretty big deal for artists in the business. The museum does not just keep documentation of the history of rock music. It also features all the artists, producers, engineers, and other important figures of the music business. So, it is not a surprise that every year before inducting the new figures, there is a big buzz around the topic. Let us see who has a chance to be one of the characters in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021.  ... read more

A new adaptation of our classic children’s novel is right on the corner. New Line Cinema has started the production of the Wizard of Oz remake, with director Nicole Kassell. Of course, the most famous adaptation starred the iconic Judy Garland, we yet to see which actress will give a new spirit to the role. We take a look at casting prediction to see who will play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz remake.  ... read more

The odds are often the determining factor in the success of one online bookmaker and the failure of another. Nowadays, it is not difficult to find the same event in the line of different platforms and compare the indicators. Comparing such indicators regularly is somewhat tedious. Besides, ordinary players often lose time on this, which is so important in betting. The best way out of this situation is to find a reliable partner for a long-term game. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to find the best online betting odds. ... read more

Football is the most popular sport game in the world with billions of fans, so it obviously influences many other life spheres and industries. Music is not an exception. There are many tracks devoted to football or written exclusively for big competitions. Here are 5 of them we find the best songs about football. ... read more