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  • The Global Gaming Awards Get Spotted Lacking Any Diversity

Well they are gamblers, so perhaps they just bet no one would notice. A rather foolish wager, in this day and age. Someone always notices, because injustice tends to stick out. So just like other award shows before it, the Global Gaming Awards finds itself under scrutiny for a lack of diversity. You’d think online betting sites in the US and around the world would see this coming and head it off with reform. But no, they’re quite happy to just voice utter surprise anyone cares. ... read more

The odds on the US Open at Torrey Pines pose a few questions. Jon Rahm a favorite? But not as many as the odds on the Premier Golf League going ahead. What was once just a ridiculous pipe dream now seems set to go ahead. That means as of 2023, apparently, you’ll be able to hit up online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada to bet on the Premier Golf League. Great. But what is it, and isn’t this just another golfing idea ultimately doomed by the power of the PGA? ... read more

Andrew Yang seemed to have it in the bag. With big name recognition and a lot of money behind him online betting sites in the US like Bovada had him as favorite. However, it now appears the energetic business man won’t win the New York mayoral election. Right now you should probably bet on Eric Adams, former local police officer, who has pulled ahead in the polls. With early voting about to start his six point lead could see him too far ahead for Yang to catch. ... read more

Hideki Matsuyama and Phil Mickelson winning have proved the Majors are by no means forgone conclusions. This year, everything is up for grabs. Everything. So, as online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada assess who actually has a chance, you have some opportunities. They’re offering some really interesting prices on the tournament at Torrey Pines. However, whilst you’re choosing from the 2021 US Open odds on offer, you can bet on golf itself focusing elsewhere. ... read more

Some bet on US politics calming down, seeing the error of its ways and becoming what it should. They saw Donald Trump fly away and figured that was the end of that. They were wrong. So, the odds on US politics at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada don’t do the situation justice. If anything, politics in the United States is getting more crazy. Celebrities are running everywhere, Republicans are trying to stop people voting and now Nevada thinks it represents America.   ... read more

No one saw it coming, least of all Phil Mickelson. At 115th in the world he was, to say the least, a very unlikely winner of the PGA Championship. A man thought to have had his day. However, the 50 year old stormed to a stunning victory and now looks ahead to Torrey Pines. Not that he’s a particularly good bet on the 2021 US Open. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada give him rather long odds. But, in a year when underdogs keep winning, longshots are the bet du jour. ... read more

Blinking in the daylight following the dark night of Donald Trump you may miss it. Compared to what has gone before, US politics appears quiet. The tweet storms have abated. The outlandish lies gone. However, as a quick glance at the odds on US politics at Bovada will tell you, it’s far from normal. Important recall elections, gubernatorial races, and mayoral contests all loom. So as you mull that bet on sports in the US, just don’t overlook what a bet on US politics can offer. ... read more

You can bet on the 2021 PGA Championship at Kiawah Island going anywhere save to plan. Pete Dye designed the course specifically to confound the professionals. Expect it to do so. That means whilst everyone lauds the short odds on Rory McIlroy, at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, he may find it hard going. Sure, he might repeat his 2012 victory, but we have seen precious few predictable results so far this year. Fortunately, there are other betting options. ... read more

If you like to bet on sports in the US and UK Saturday is a doubly whammy. First, you can bet on the Epsom Derby, one of the most prestigious races in the UK. Then, just a few hours later, check out the odds on the Belmont Stakes, third leg in the US Triple Crown. Spectacular. The races may be similar, but the betting prospects definitely aren’t. The odds on the Epsom Derby at Bovada have it as a runaway win, but a bet on the Belmont Stakes is a far harder wager to call. ... read more

A lot of people bet on Medina Spirit to continue its winning ways after it won the Kentucky Derby. They think it could get the Triple Crown. It may. Indeed until recently it was a great bet on the 2021 Preakness Stakes. However in recent days, online betting sites in the US like Bovada have seen an uptick of people backing Concert Tour instead. Why? Well Medina Spirit is said to have failed a race day drug test at the Kentucky Derby. So, Medina Spirit may not run at all. ... read more