Bret Maverick

The ubiquity of the western saloon is cornerstone to an entire genre of movie making. From the swing doors to the spittoon, we are familiar with every inch of it. The shots are a coin a pop, the floozies spoken for and there’s always a game of poker going on. In fact, westerns treat barroom gambling as almost light relief. It’s something online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada today try to emulate. So saddle up and let us ride out and examine the portrayal of gambling way out west. ... read more

Gambling in cinema is far more common than at first you might think. From Clark Gable in Any Number Can Play, to Tom Berenger in Platoon, actors often portray gambling. Sometimes it is mere window dressing, texture to the visual experience; often it plays a more central role. From the flouting of US or UK gambling laws, to the moral comeuppance of the unworthy, cinema loves gamblers. Whether modern day bookies like Bet365 like cinema is another matter. ... read more