You can bet on Rishi Sunak to bask in the glory of media attention as he runs through his budget this week. He wants to be the next leader of the Conservative Party in the UK. So the more he gets into the public eye the better. However Michael Gove also wants the job, and he’s far more experienced. So if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365 or similar beware. The odds on the next Conservative leader might not reflect the reality of Tory thinking. ... read more

Even when he wins you have to feel sorry for Keir Starmer. He should have one of the easiest jobs in the world; criticizing Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, he lacks access to the obvious routes of attack and is too busy battling with the grassroots of his own party. He seems to have won that fight for now, but convincing the voters to back his party is far more difficult. That’s why online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 still offer such horrible odds on the Labour Party winning. ... read more

As we rattle through the glum, and all too long, winter of our discontent the Eurovision Song Contest is back. With perfect timing the ridiculous songs, outlandish performances and bizarre scenery are here to entertain you. Even better, online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will give you odds on Eurovision 2021. So, if you need a little flutter, this is just perfect. Should you back the UK’s entrant or bet on France, Malta or Italy instead? The fabulous choice is yours. ... read more

Keir Starmer put on a brave face but the local election results were dire. Labour losing Hartlepool demonstrated just how much trouble they’re in as a party. This means a lot of people are now questioning if Keir is the right man for the job. So if you’re looking for an excuse to take advantage of UK gambling laws a speculative bet on the next Labour leader may work. Your only problem will be deciding if the odds on Andy Burnham make him a winner or doomed. ... read more

For the last couple of years, it has been impossible not to cross the word Brexit. It has been all over the news, but it is understandable. The United Kingdom stepping out of the European Union is a pretty big deal since it is the very first country to do so in the history of the EU. Its most important effects are obviously governmental, judicial, economic, and political. There are a few aspects though, most would not think about, like how will post-Brexit gambling in the UK look like. ... read more

Due to Brexit British politics now resembles a farce. Brexit is casting a long shadow over the nation’s economy. Brussels already forecasts far higher costs for the UK than EU. This means when the Foreign Secretary stands up and tells everyone it’s all going to be fine, not everyone believes him. Indeed those who have taken up the odds on Dominic Raab becoming the next Conservative Party leader, at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, may need to reconsider. ... read more

Britain is yet to feel the full force of the negative consequences of Brexit. Their exit from the European Union just a little eclipsed by current events. However, as the reality sets in, that will change rapidly. So the question is; just whom will the voters hold responsible for this disaster? Should you really bet on British politics to punish the Conservatives at the ballot box? Or is a bet on Labour at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 just a little optimistic at present? ... read more

Parliament revising UK gambling laws is a populist move at a time Brexit isn’t making them popular. Unfortunately, this means MPs are not very popular amongst the gambling industry at present. In protection of their profits, the industry is strident in its criticism of current proposals. None more so than racing. Indeed they warn that perhaps this will lead to sites like Bet365 being unable to offer odds on UK horse racing at all. But is that even remotely close to being true? ... read more

Having got a deal the future of the British Prime Minister now hinge upon its results. It might have been a masterly piece of brinksmanship and diplomacy, but if it leaves people poorer? Who’ll care? Certainly not the Conservative Party. They’re not afraid to ditch those associated with failure. That’s why those who usually bet on sports in the UK should shift over and bet on British politics instead. Boris is 2/1 to get the heave-ho this year, and that’s a tempting wager. ... read more

The UK’s Conservative government has decided to be pro-active. Given its track record, and the impending doom that is Brexit, this is desperation at work. Most presume the government is reforming gambling laws in the UK simply because it’ll be popular. Or at least should be popular. Those running online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 may not agree, but they may not get a choice. Although the Culture Minister, Nigel Huddleston, ensured they at least get asked. ... read more