british gambling laws

Well, it had to happen. UK calls for online gambling limits were discussed by MP’s last week. And lo and behold, some of the largest UK betting companies immediately saw a massive drop in company share value. This was thanks to a new Government report which suggested  that the maximum online wager should be £2. ... read more

Betting Websites in Hungary

Sorry, but betting websites in Hungary are few and far between. With the Hungarian government and their friends controlling most of the betting market place, the choices are both frugal and limiting. As with all monopolies, they just get fat and lazy as the incentive to grow isn’t of importance. Most foreign online bookies have much more to offer. ... read more

Facebook gambling ads aimed at children came to light last year. It seems that a UK based marketing startup was using these ads for online casinos. Quelle surprise! As always, Mr Zuckerburg is trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted and the ads have been paid for. ... read more

Lay Betting Explained: Betting Against the Odds. If you want to reverse roles, then lay betting let’s you play at being the bookmaker. Essentially you’re betting on something or some outcome not to happen. You’re betting against the odds. You sell a bet as opposed to backing a bet. ... read more