Blinking in the daylight following the dark night of Donald Trump you may miss it. Compared to what has gone before, US politics appears quiet. The tweet storms have abated. The outlandish lies gone. However, as a quick glance at the odds on US politics at Bovada will tell you, it’s far from normal. Important recall elections, gubernatorial races, and mayoral contests all loom. So as you mull that bet on sports in the US, just don’t overlook what a bet on US politics can offer. ... read more

Californians must be carefully observing day-to-day updates with the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Will the effort qualify for the ballot? When will the vote likely take place? Will Gov. Newsom be ousted or not? We look at Gov. Gavin Newsom recall election odds here and try to analyze his chances. ... read more

Two of the world’s top 168 pounders Caleb Plant and Caleb Truax are about to face off on 30 January. It is a great matchup between athleticism and experience. Most likely the fight will end with a KO for the undefeated champ Caleb Plant, as per Plant vs Truax betting odds. Here is why. ... read more

A bet on climate change doesn’t roll around very often. The lengthy nature of the process rather precluding a snappy flutter. However, with record temperatures hitting the headlines, and causing some very nasty side effects, science has the answer. In addition to your regular bet on sports in the US you can now bet on this being the hottest year on record or not. Online bookies like Bovada have the odds you need whether you believe in it or not. You can wager either way. ... read more