Most of us are sensible enough to do our gambling online these days. You can access just about all the major progressive jackpot lotteries on Lotto Agent from the sofa. So why travel? Of course, many people still enjoy the instant result scratch cards. You can win big on them. Mark Goodram and Jon Watson from Bolton did. They won £4m…..and are now actually going to jail for it. Fair justice was swift, but to read the internet coverage you’d think Satan had come to tea. ... read more

Lottery jackpot winners are, by definition, lucky people. However just because you’ve won doesn’t mean all your problems are over. Indeed, for one couple in the UK, their woes had only just begun. We have all heard the tale of the lost winning ticket before. It is, at this point, almost folklore. It’s the sort of thing even the best lotto jackpot reviews like to harp on about. That’s why so many of us use Lotto Agent, of course. Better safe than sorry, as the Totts now know. ... read more

Camelot have run the UK National Lottery for a good quarter century. Starting from small beginnings it is now popular and commonplace. However, Camelot is no longer a British run business and their license comes up for review soon. That means that not even the best lotto jackpot reviews, which usually know everything, can guarantee it’ll retain its position. With Indian, Italian and Czech firms all in the bidding the DCMS is almost spoilt for choice. ... read more

The best lottery jackpots are the ones we win. Certainly, that’s how we consider it as players, as ticket buyers. However, in our pell-mell pursuit of riches we can sometimes overlook the other side. No, not losing. We never overlook that. No what we can sometimes lose sight of are the best lottery pay out made from our stake. Numerous good causes benefit from lotteries of the sort found at Lotto Agent. Whether you consider Welsh Football should be one of them is another matter. ... read more

The British government may have to do something about the lottery loophole. Typically, the law prohibits under 18s from gambling in the UK. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to lotteries. So UK lottery laws permit over 16s to purchase tickets and participate. This is something MPs and Lords would like to halt. So the operational terms of service for sites like Lotto Agent would change. Indeed if MPs have their way, even the best lottery jackpots will be reserved for adults only. ... read more

The UK National Lottery pulls in some £30m a week. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews giving it grudging congratulations. Not least because it benefits so many, supporting all manner of things to the public good. This festive season, for instance, it has stepped in to assist theatres to put on Pantomimes safely. Something 2020 has made rather tricky, to say the least. So, panic over, kids across the country will not miss-out on this somewhat chaotic Christmas cornerstone. ... read more

The best lotto jackpot reviews will have seen this coming. The UK parliament has been wagging a finger at the gaming industry for quite a while. The demands that the National Lottery jackpot prizes be reserved for over 18s alone, are thus par for the course. What is a little more unusual is just how readily the gaming industry, and particularly Camelot, seem amenable. After the very combative spat over FOBTs is the gaming industry finally accepting some restraint? ... read more