canadian gambling laws

Canada is famous for many things, like maple syrup, the Niagara Falls, their favorite sport, ice hockey, cute moose, and last but not least: extreme politeness. Though not many know that the tradition of gambling is also a big part of their history since it dates back to the times of the natives. Ever since then a lot of things have changed, like the government’s legislation concerning betting. The newest step seems to be the legalizing of single-event sports betting in Canada. ... read more

A lot of people will feel they instinctively know how to run an illegal casino in Canada. Remain polite, serve Molson and don’t run out of syrup or bacon. Simple stuff. However recent events have proved it’s not as easy as it appears. So, for those of you tempted away from the safety of online sportsbook sites in Canada like Bet365, we take a look at the inner-workings of this very necessary social service. We’ll help you getting the basics straight and avoiding the big pitfalls. ... read more