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In this short overview, I will share with you the best NASCAR movies. These films are from the ’60s and 2019 as well. Mostly these productions are comedies or dramas. We also chose a breathtaking documentary that is so fascinating that we couldn’t miss it from the list. ... read more

This outstanding motorsport event was sponsored by Monster Energy last year. So, in the reflection of the new premier supporters, we can expect an amazing show. Also, from 2020 this championship will give us a better picture of the skill of the racers. Our 2020 NASCAR Cup-Series predictions will let you know who is most likely to be the absolute winner. ... read more

There is an endless debate on the Internet: is Nascar dangerous and how dangerous it is actually. The forums are taking two sides. The bigger half says „all the sports are dangerous and Nascar racers are so protected by their equipment that it’s safer than football”. The other half declares that „if you see a Nascar crash in person, you will change your mind”. ... read more