We all know that casinos are all about pleasing customers – and making a profit, of course, but these two go hand in hand. But what if we say that in the 21st century, they do not only care about gamblers but the environment as well? Because some of them really do: these casinos started using solar power to be more environment-friendly. ... read more

Gambling today offers not only various games, but also other components, which together make up a whole package of entertainment and recreation. Indeed, there is no doubt that the casino is the center that attracts guests in the first place. Besides, the gambling industry works hand in hand with the residence industry. Full-service hotels appear more and more often these days. However, this is not the only combination that exists. In this article, we will talk about casinos and roller coasters.  ... read more

Today’s era offers you many more types of gambling than before. There are different kinds of games that you can pick at online casinos in the US. Yet, the way you play those games has not changed much. You just have more betting options today than a few years before.  ... read more

Online casinos and the gambling industry is gaining popularity every year. The number of fans of online games and sports betting is growing every day, thereby driving the demand for more and more online casinos. The demand gives rise to supply, and therefore many businessmen began to think about the possibilities of how to start your online casino site. However, this is not as easy to do as it might seem at first glance. There are many pitfalls and nuances in the opening of a new casino and in the gambling business that you need to know about in advance. In this article, we have collected all the steps to successfully open a casino on the Internet. ... read more

Compared to previous generations, millennials born between the late 80s and early 2000s are less interested in such casino games as slots and blackjack. They prefer to spend money on restaurants and other entertainment, but not on casinos. Although today’s youth love games, they are not particularly interested in old-style slot machines and roulette games. Some studies suggest that if casino games become more advanced with a competitive or complex structure, where it would be necessary to apply analytical and mental abilities, and not only rely on luck, then the attitude to gambling among the youth will change. In this article, we will try to imagine what the next-generation casino should be like. ... read more

What do people usually do on flights that last 10-15 hours? Typically, they eat, sleep, watch movies, and listen to music. Someone flips through magazines. Of course, it’s good if there is someone beside you to have a nice conversation. However, all this can hardly be called an exciting pastime. Therefore, aviation design studios from France – AirJet Designs and Designescence – presented to the public the concept of an “on-board” casino. According to their idea, small VIP cabins will be provided on the planes shortly. Here passengers will be able to gamble and escape from a long boring flight. Let’s take a closer look at casino gambling airlines! ... read more

Once you learn how to play and act at in-land or online casinos in the US, therefore, we prepared a casino guide for dummies to learn and enjoy casinos. It’s very important to understand what to start from, what can help you succeed, and which mistakes are the most common. These can help you a lot of money, even if you’re a newbie to gambling.  ... read more

Selecting a reliable online gambling platform can be tricky. Since there are numerous options available, it is pretty easy to fall for a scam site. We have collected the best options for all types of gambling – from traditional table games to 3D slots. Buckle up, because it’s time to find out the best online casinos that payout USA players.  ... read more