If you are. a gambler you know excatéy how amazing casinos are. You can find thousands of games, but it’s not the only thing you can do there. Did you know that many of the most amazing records happened in casinos? You’ll soon find out about them! ... read more

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In the summer thousands of passengers head to different airports where they spend lots of time before and after their flights. A great way to spend these hours is to find a bar or restaurant and have a nice meal there. Another option is to visit a casino with different gambling games where you can even win some money. Airports with slot machines are very rare though. And you also have to consider a few things before playing with them.  ... read more

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Unwritten Poker Rules

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Casino robberies are regular themes of action films but they can really happen in real life. In spite of the top security, there have been brave (or stupid) people in the last few decades who tried to rob the most luxury casinos. Some of them have been quite sophisticated while others only relied on pure violence. Find below the most famous casino heists in history.  ... read more

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