Celebrities are like us. They prove that whenever they sit down gambling, except for the amounts they play with. We all have seen pictures of Ben Affleck, Kevin Hart, Matt Damon, etc., at the poker table. The question is: how do they play poker? They often participate in private poker parties where the pot is worth millions of dollars. Of course, many more stars try their hands at poker once in a while, but the players on our list are regulars at casinos. Let’s take a look et how celebrities play poker! ... read more

The biggest scandal of the year so far is highly likely to last longer than expected. During the 94th Academy Award ceremony, Will Smith slapped presenter Chris Rock on stage and received his Oscar statuette a few moments later. Because of his actions, you can bet on Will Smith to be stripped of his Oscar as he can lose this first ever award. ... read more

The scandals of Kanye West deserve a separate article. After all, over the years of his work and outrageous behavior, the rapper has accumulated a lot of public antics, which we will all remember for a very long time. Thus, all the craziest Kanye West moments ever are collected in this article. And be careful since the level of eccentricity here is going through the roof! ... read more

Celebrities are rich and famous. But did you know that most of them enjoy gambling? After all, gambling is not all about winning the jackpot and making a huge success story. Sometimes it is an elegant hobby or a form of celebration. Many celebrities simply love gambling or casinos in general. Let’s check out a few casinos winning celebrities and avid gamblers. ... read more

Many big-time sports stars, musicians, TV presenters, and models earn money not only by their main profession. The main income is brought by: advertising contracts, personalized brands, their own business, and sometimes additional income is nine-figure amounts. Recently, the influential Forbes magazine published an annual rating to bet on the world’s highest-paid celebrities. However, this year celebrities’ revenues have significantly decreased. Anyway, their income will still surprise you! ... read more

Life is an unpredictable thing, but when love and passion also burst into it, logic completely disappears. A simple example is marriage and divorce. It would seem that people part in order not to know anything more about each other and never see the annoying face. However, not everything is so simple. Indeed, quite often divorced couples converge again – some in the shortest possible time, and some in decades. As they say, it’s impossible to be with you, and it’s impossible to be without you. And do you know that you can win some money while predicting these comebacks? In this article, we will tell you how to bet on celebrity exes to get back together.  ... read more

After the Miss Universe pageant, many of the contestants have made a name for themselves in entertainment. For that reason, we’ve put together some of the famous Miss Universe contestants that started of a beauty pageant queens.  ... read more