Famous athletes who doped are as common as flies. Doping appears to be so universal across all sports it’s a wonder that these drug companies don’t have their names written up in bright lights as main event sponsors. And though there are those lame people who blame everyone else apart from their beloved athlete, it’s really down to individual responsibility. Yes, there’s a massive pressure from the fans and from the whole media circus that surrounds so many world class events. And that pressure to maintain the lead, to win again and again, it a huge weight on anyone shoulders. ... read more

Scandals in chess are not as rare as you would think. It would never cross my mind that chess can be so aggressive and dirty. However, if you think about it every competitive sport can bring out the worst side of humans. Being afraid of the humiliation after losing a game can lead to stupid decisions. Looking for the fame and the money that comes with the winning can draw out selfishness from anybody. These things are true for Chess aswell. Sure, there are performance-enhancing drugs for chess also. ... read more

While Tour de France refers to Dope de France for many reasons, vintage cheating at Tour de France was a lot more entertaining than today’s doping scandals. Wacky Races is not even close to what these guys did during the beginning of Tour de France. While you are watching your favorite bikers through online sportsbook sites in the US from the comfort of your home, you would never think how dark is the history of this game. The doping situation was a lot funnier. Riders could legally use red wine or champagne mixed with coffee. Taking part in watching the race of real life was a lot funnier as well since spectators were pushing their favorites up on hills and also beating up the ones they didn’t like that much. ... read more

Back in the days in 1891 Monte-Carlo, every roulette table had a cash reserve of 100.000 francs. Once somebody won so much money that the table couldn’t pay, it was announced that the winner broke the bank and the table was closed until they brought extra founds. Charles Wells broke the bank and won 1 million francs with his flawless roulette strategy. He was not just breaking the bank of the casino, he even broke his own bank once. ... read more