If you’re looking for some cool sports to bet on this time around on the Summer Olympics, look no further than the team synchronised swimming. Now, you can get in the sport’s action with the synchronised swimming odds for Tokyo Olympics.  ... read more

This time, the spotlight is on the women’s volleyball tournament at the Summer Olympics. At this time, China leads the race for gold in Japan and has the 2021 Olympic Volleyball odds to prove it.  However, fans are in for a ride as the USA’s women are also in a pole position to claim gold in Japan.  ... read more

Due to Brexit British politics now resembles a farce. Brexit is casting a long shadow over the nation’s economy. Brussels already forecasts far higher costs for the UK than EU. This means when the Foreign Secretary stands up and tells everyone it’s all going to be fine, not everyone believes him. Indeed those who have taken up the odds on Dominic Raab becoming the next Conservative Party leader, at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, may need to reconsider. ... read more

The recent fall in unemployment in the US was an economic surprise. Just as surprising, but by no means as pleasant, is the sudden jump in federal debt. Going two trillion further into the red in just a couple of months is alarming, even in this current context. But does this mean the 2020 US Presidential election odds are going to shift? Donald Trump is still favorite to win at online betting sites in the US like Bovada; But for how much longer? Recessions don’t make for likely re-elections. ... read more

They got the Scottish Independence vote wrong, they failed to spot Brexit coming and then Michael Moore out-performed them. Political pollsters, pundits and predictors have been almost universally useless in recent years. Anyone taking advantage of US gambling laws to have a bet on US politics in 2020 should, on no account, listen to these fools now. They have no more idea of what’s around the corner than you do. What will dominate the 2020 election is anyone’s guess. ... read more