Christopher Nolan

Fans can’t wait to see Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet in the cinemas. The premiere of the film is scheduled so it’s not long until we can see if it is worth all the fuss. Of course, online bookmakers are also being ready for the release of the film and offering Tenet special betting odds for every film lover.  ... read more

Though the release of new films including the most recent blockbusters have been delayed, you can still bet on the highest grossing film of 2020. Most of the favorites will be released during the summer, in our list you already read about them and make a bet on the winner.  ... read more

Unlike numerous sports events & concerts, the Oscars is still scheduled for next year without a shred of a doubt. As there is almost nothing left to bet on, we offer you to look through Academy Awards 2021 bets. Getting familiar with the list of potential nominees makes sense as many of them, like Christopher Nolan, will undoubtedly compete for the prize. ... read more