Thus cockfighting is illegal at most of the places, there are always cases for people to go around rules. While cockfighting is a deeply despised way of animal cruelty, there are still people who attend these events. This time they got instant karma. One of the cocks could break free and wounded many and killed one of the spectators. I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel sorry for this person. I feel sorry about this whole situation. Unfortunately, there are many forms of aberration that are accepted around the world and cockfighting is one of them. I just can’t accept calling it a tradition as an excuse. ... read more

Bear baiting bets In Elizabethan times kept everyone entertained. In Macbeth, there is a stanza he speaks to his enemies: “Have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, But, bear-like, I must fight the course.” Today this holds little meaning. But in the year of the play, 1606, if one were to take a short walk from Shakespeare’s own Globe Theater, you would find the “Bear Gardens”. This was where dogs, bears, bulls, chimps and other creatures had to fight to the death in front of roaring crowds, many of whom were gambling on the outcome. ... read more

What’s wrong with cockfighting? After all the birds are dumb and like to fight. The US state of Utah, along with Mormons and Salt Lake City, has a penchant for cock fighting. It’s one of the only states whereby the “sport” is classed as a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony. ... read more