As Bojo and Jeremy Hunt (a man who is his own rhyming slang) continue the hustings the Conservative leadership election odds for Boris Johnson at Bet365, one of the best places to bet on sports in the UK, keep him firm favorite. However, the future isn’t all that rosy even if he wins. With parliament fragmented over Brexit a general election could lurk just around the corner and that’ll provide some far more interesting wagers than the current conservative coronation. ... read more

The Conservative Leadership odds on Boris Johnson were never going to shift very much. Realistically this is far more a coronation than real election. However having thrown himself under an imaginary bus the current favorite still shows every sign that an implosion is just around the corner and you might just profit from a sneaky speculative wager at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days, on his opponent, the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. ... read more