Sadly even the latest World Cup qualifiers couldn’t be held without scandals. It’s enough to think about the interruption of the Brazil-Argentina match or the atrocities in the Hungary vs England game. But we could already witness several other disruptions and incidents in previous seasons. Let’s see the biggest scandals in World Cup qualifiers.  ... read more

The US might well be the obvious example of healthcare profiteering, but its opponents rarely acknowledge that this was no one’s idea of a system. There was no over-all design behind it. It evolved over time into the beast it now is. Derided and decried, it is now a vast industry with the resources and connections to protect itself from interference. Critics of the US healthcare system rarely talk about why this system arose, and fail to spot why it might just be too late to change.  ... read more

From match-fixing to drugs, you can find some very dirty things in football’s history. Some of them have affected only one player, while in other cases whole leagues had been manipulated.  Let’s take a look at the biggest scandals in football.   ... read more

International Weightlifting Federation’s corruption revealed by german ARD’s investigative journalists, IWF cant account for 5,5 million USD. While the federation is financed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they said that they didn’t have an insight into IWF’s inside proceedings. From the confidential documents that are seized by ARD, it also turns out that most of the weightlifters achieving world titles were only tested for doping during the sports events. From ARD’s documentary, we can also know that bribes were accepted by members of Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) for falsifying test results. ... read more

Doping is an issue in just about every sport on the planet now and it’s only a matter of time before bog snorkelers, chess players and participants in quoits competitions are required to undergo WADA officiated random testing to prevent the abuse of performance enhancing substances, but in Russia at the World Cup drugs testing seems the least of everyone’s concerns. So is football burying its head in the sand or is there just no drug taking among the ranks of professional soccer players? ... read more