Bull Riding Basics

So, just to get things straight, you think that bull riding for a mere 8 seconds is easy? A piece of cake you say? Yes, we remember that awful evening. You were in a bar and were drunk and yet somehow managed to stay on the remote bucking bull machine. Before vomiting over the bar staff. Watching the bull riding on TV, it’s pretty obvious that those “cowboys” are really just a bunch of sissies. ... read more

Back in the days, in the 19th-century gambling was an important part of the culture. Gambling in the old west was not just about winning money, more like it was the biggest entertainment of the people. For the poor, for the rich, for the criminals and for the humble servants of the law. In my article, we will travel back in time and take a glimpse at the popular games and you can discover the most decisive places and faces in the wild, wild west. ... read more

Conor McGregor returns to UFC after his 15month silence. He is going to face Donald Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246 in Las Vegas on the 18th of January, 2020. The path of the two professional fighters has collided many times. Finally, we have a chance to observe this great show. Connor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone bets showing that McGregor is still a favorite of bookies. ... read more