While traditional media is actively paying attention to cryptocurrency, various gambling portals have already learned about how to use its advantages. Many of those online casinos that once ventured to build a business around Bitcoin are still successfully operating. Of course, the Bitcoin exchange rate very much influenced the growth of interest in virtual currencies. However, even if we abstract from the charts with the BTC price, the willingness of representatives of the gambling industry to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is very easy to explain. In this article, we will talk about the bitcoin boom and online gambling. ... read more

How has the mobile gambling industry grown during the last twelve months? With smartphones being the main entertainment tool these days, online casinos and betting sites have gone through numerous modifications. It’s time to sum up all mobile gambling changes in 2020. ... read more

Gambling with cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular at online casinos. There are already many gambling sites where you can find slots, card games, and roulette available for crypto. Today, check our list of the best Bitcoin roulette games worth playing. ... read more

Cryptocurrency trading in Venezuela continues to grow very fast. The activity of the country’s citizens is connected with Petro users’ growth as well. According to online gambling sites in Venezuela the first cryptocurrency casino ever will be in Venezuela. Nowadays, cryptocurrency trading platforms have records, as Venezuelans invest more and more money in it. ... read more

There are always a couple of annual special Bitcoin Bets which go viral. Last year you could bet on the lowest Bitcoin price. This year you can wager on the highest amount at 22bet. But wait a moment! Betting odds can show you the most promising investment in 2020. ... read more

Obviously, our annual cryptocurrency predictions are a must-read. Online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom says that Crypto will increasingly integrate with reals-world applications. However, people do not support the decadent mood of digital currencies. Moreover, Crypto experts’ top predictions for 2020 are very positive. In their opinion, cryptocurrency will not go anywhere, on the contrary, virtual assets will be more and more distributed every year. ... read more

Several online gambling sites make wagers on currency rate changes. On 1XBET you can bet on the 2019 Bitcoin price outcome. Usually, cryptocurrencies are unpredictable but the scale of their changes is. The short odds confirm the speculations. If you bet on Bitcoin price results by the end of this calendar year, you can earn a neat profit without any risk-taking. ... read more