czech republic

The Czech Republic Finance Ministry have proposed to increase gambling taxes. Live games, bingo and lotteries will be the biggest casualties as they could face the biggest increase in taxes. The gambling industry has been thriving in the country. There is, however, a growing concern that the new gambling tax bill in Czech Republic could jeopardize the market. ... read more

In Brno the Ducatis proved themselves no slouches, in Austria it came down to the last corner, but just what will happen when the two-wheeled lunatics on the top tier of motorcycle racing head to Silverstone? Can Yamaha get a win? Will Marquez fail to finish like last year? Could Lorenzo make it two victories in a row? If you’re going to bet on the British MotoGP at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, you may well need to know those answers before Sunday’s race. ... read more

If you’re going to bet on sports in the Czech Republic this weekend it may well be tempting to plump for the favorite in the upcoming MotoGP betting that the low odds on Marc Marquez are entirely in keeping with his chances of winning, but as the pressure builds on the young man and some of his fellow riders begin to frown at his attitude, should you really be betting on him to win in Brno at Unibet or are some of the other riders just as good a wager as the young man from Cervera? ... read more