Daniel Craig

With a Walther PPK, a perfectly tailored tux and a seemingly bottomless line of credit James Bond makes a splash. That no spy draws this much attention to themselves apparently just not important to audiences. There might have been other movies featuring espionage in casinos but Bond stole this show. As Bet365 is the best of the online betting sites in the UK, so James Bond is the be all and end all of cinema spies. His casinos scenes are legend and have become a default public perception. ... read more

One of the most famous pop stars at the moment, Billie Eilish will sing the theme for the new James Bond movie as it was revealed last week. After winning four Grammy awards this year, she has a really good chance to win the Oscar as well with the song. But to win a BAFTA or to be nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award is also in the No Time to Die bets.  ... read more

It is confirmed that there will be two Bonds in the 25th film of the spy franchise. Daniel Craig wears James Bond suite as expected but this time Lashana Lynch joins him as another agent 007. This casting decision confirms the rumors of changing James to Jane. So it is reasonable to bet on the next Bond gender to be female. ... read more