Darren Bravo

In the aftermath of their defeat in Southampton England face an uphill struggle to save the series. The West Indies are a far better side than Ben Stokes seemed to believe. Likewise, the bookies odds on the West Indies last time round were a bit parsimonious. This time the 2nd Test odds on England are more realistic. Even if their chances aren’t. Online sportsbook sites in the UK give the hosts 2/5 and the tourists 7/2 right now. Question is; Has this series already slipped out of grasp? ... read more

Every tour has it’s own atmosphere. The dynamic of the team, the mood of the hosts, and even the weather, create a different vibe each time. This year, however, is probably going to be unique. Empty stadiums, bio security and the overshadowing situation in America will all combine to make for a wholly unique 3 match series. And unique always means less than predictable. So, does that mean those who like to bet on sports in the UK should hit up Bet365 to bet on the Windies to win the first test? We take a look. ... read more

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without the sound of leather on willow. Fortunately cricket soon returns after its enforced sojourn. The headline fixture being the tour of England by the West Indies. The England West Indies 2020 Test series odds are, by and large, what you’d expect. Online betting sites in the UK, like Bet365, giving the hosts quite the edge. However, with so many England players having no winter play abroad, is that entirely fair on the visitors? ... read more