You can always bet on sports in the UK to draw in politicians if England do well. Sadly, this is quite rare, so none of the politicians have much practice at it. They also tend not to know a lot about the more populist games. Despite this you can bet on Boris Johnson to try and snaffle a bit of the glory England are earning. Big on Brexit, Boris is slavering at the idea of the national side winning against the rest of Europe. He likes England’s odds at the Euros now. So now he’s a fan. ... read more

This time around, all the junior teams are eager to get their hands on the European Women’s U19 Handball Championship title. So far, defending champions Hungary lead the title race and have the best 2021 Euro handball U19 Champs women odds to win. ... read more

As Euro 2020 is about to get underway on 11 June, we look at the chances of the Nordic nations in the competition. Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are looking to make a statement in a tournament packed with top teams in the world. They will all face tough tests, but it seems that Denmark have what it takes to show up as the Euro 2020 best Nordic team. ... read more

Without a doubt, Denmark’s Herre Håndbold Ligaen is among the top premier handball leagues to watch this year. This time around, the 2021 Herre Håndbold Ligaen betting odds foresee a win for defending champions Aalborg Håndbold.  ... read more

Eurovision Song Contest will soon be underway and nation’s are gearing up by selecting their best entries for the competition. At this time, Denmark is doing just that at the 2021 Melodi Grand Prix. What’s more, you can get in on the competition’s action with the latest 2021 Melodi Grand Prix odds.  ... read more

Once again, the European Handball Championship bragging rights will be up for grabs! At this time, Denmark currently leads the title race with the best 2022 European Handball Championship odds to win. Without a doubt, this is the last thing that defending champions Spain would want to hear.  ... read more

The bookies are speculating the former immigration minister of Denmark Inger Stojberg might switch to a new party soon. It comes after she was forced to resign as Venstre deputy chair. Thus, Stojberg next party odds indicate she might join either Nye Borgerliger or Dansk Folkeparti. ... read more