Ding Liren

Undoubtedly, the Champions Chess Tour is a must-see series this year featuring the biggest players in the game of chess. Fortunately, players can get in on Tour’s action with the latest Opera Euro Rapid 2021 betting odds and predictions.  ... read more

Chess is one of the oldest board games in history that is a sport played sitting down. It has originated in India sometime around the 6th century AD. Ever since chess was invented, people have taken great interest in the game as it is a competition between the minds. Currently, the World Chess Champion is the Norwegian Grand Master Magnus Carlsen. The Norwegian is set to defend his world title in December against an opponent who is yet to be determined. The bet on the World Chess Championship is still open between several players as the challenger is not determined yet. ... read more

The qualifying games just started but you can wager on the event already. In the world of mental games, this is the most prestigious happening. Take a glimpse at our 2020 Chess World Championship betting predictions to forecast will the Norwegian champion defends his title. Magnus Carlsen is a young talent with breathtaking chess achievements. ... read more