In the endless list of different film and television awards we have next the Producers Guild of America Awards honoring the best producers of 2020. In the main categories we can find the usual nominees. But you can also bet on the winners of special PGA Awards categories too. Like the Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures where Pixar’s latest film, Soul is the favorite. ... read more

Tired of common gambling activities? Learn how to play Apple Of Fortune – an exciting online game of chance. Inspired by Disney’s Snow White, this game reminds neither about card games nor lotto or roulettes. Check why Apple Of Fortune is so unique and where to play it. ... read more

Though the release of new films including the most recent blockbusters have been delayed, you can still bet on the highest grossing film of 2020. Most of the favorites will be released during the summer, in our list you already read about them and make a bet on the winner.  ... read more

Marvel Studios will no longer be producing films featuring Spider-Man. Sony and Disney did not agree on the future of the famous superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, in the next few years, Marve still has to present two Spider-Man’s premieres. Should fans wait for the tragic fate of the superhero as the end of his existence in the universe? Spider-Man to die odds predict one of the possible endings of the last two movies.  ... read more

Another prestigious American award has announced its nominations. The winners will be announced on September 13. Bet on Saturn Awards 2019 in the Best Fantasy Film nomination and see which one of them will take the prize. The nominees look impressive with the Mary Poppins’ sequel, Toy Story 4 and Disney classics in one category. ... read more

Jon Favreau’s The Lion King will be released on the 19th of July. After the release of the trailer, everyone’s expectations are very high. And bookmakers are already wondering how will the film perform in the box office. This way, you can already place your bet on The Lion King. ... read more

Two depressingly similar candidates for the Democrats and Republicans slug it out for a senate seat down in Florida this November and whilst the 2018 Scott Nelson Senate race odds give Governor Rick Scott 11/10 over Bill Nelson at 4/6 on sites like Bovada, one of the best online betting sites in the United States, there’s a quiet battle being fought over gambling in Florida and it looks like Mickey Mouse and the Disney Corporation will come out of this one a winner. ... read more