The life of a famous athlete or team can be a very good topic for a documentary as many people are curious about their lives on and off the field. The best sports documentaries show details we haven’t known before from highs to lows. They also tell the stories of extraordinary performances and the dark sides of sports.  ... read more

Though all sportsmen should represent values, like fair play, fighting spirit and endurance, from time to time we can come across athletes who try to break these rules. Either they take some forbidden drugs or use other tricks to get an undeserving advantage, our list below contains the biggest cheats in sports.  ... read more

Manfred Ewald wasn’t a nice guy really. He started his career in the Hitler Youth. After he was captured by the Red Army in 1944 he managed to get out of jail by joining the German Communist party in 1938. By 1961 he was nominated to be the minister of sports. In this position, he was working on developing a system of officially encouraged doping. Today the Russian doping scandals are the loudest you can even make bets on them. I hope they got better drugs than the ones in the GDR period. ... read more

Doping in Darts

Doping in darts is only a debated topic when it comes to doping with alcohol. Since 2018 alcohol is not on the list of WADA’s prohibited substances. ”It’s just doping; we cannot deny that. You become calmer and you keep your nerves under control when you have a drink. I myself drank. But when I once drank no alcohol as a test, I was shaking like a leaf. You’re usually still in a certain intoxication. I struggled to keep my concentration and focus. “  Said former world champion, Co Stomp. While riders legally used alcohol as doping during early Tour de Frances, Darts was trying to get rid of the alcohol in order to maintain a television compatible version of the contests. But you can read more about the darts split here. ... read more

Drugs In Horse Racing

Drugs in horse racing? Really? When you think of drug abuse in sports, it’s easy to focus solely on the steps taken to reduce illegal doping. And that’s an uphill struggle. So imagine the horse racing industry for a moment. It’s still rife with doping abuse.  ... read more

While Tour de France refers to Dope de France for many reasons, vintage cheating at Tour de France was a lot more entertaining than today’s doping scandals. Wacky Races is not even close to what these guys did during the beginning of Tour de France. While you are watching your favorite bikers through online sportsbook sites in the US from the comfort of your home, you would never think how dark is the history of this game. The doping situation was a lot funnier. Riders could legally use red wine or champagne mixed with coffee. Taking part in watching the race of real life was a lot funnier as well since spectators were pushing their favorites up on hills and also beating up the ones they didn’t like that much. ... read more

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has banned Russia from all major sporting events for four years. The ban includes the 2020 Olympic Games and the 2022 Football World Cup, but the Russian football team can still play in the Euro 2020. It is an unprecedented decision by WADA, let’s see the main reasons why Russia was banned from the Olympics.  ... read more

The history of doping in sports is going back to ancient times. Even then there were athletes who would do anything for success which led them to the use of illegal substances. In the modern era, new techniques and drugs have appeared. Unfortunately, several athletes can’t resist the temptation of their use in the hope of reaching the top.  ... read more

International Weightlifting Federation’s corruption revealed by german ARD’s investigative journalists, IWF cant account for 5,5 million USD. While the federation is financed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they said that they didn’t have an insight into IWF’s inside proceedings. From the confidential documents that are seized by ARD, it also turns out that most of the weightlifters achieving world titles were only tested for doping during the sports events. From ARD’s documentary, we can also know that bribes were accepted by members of Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) for falsifying test results. ... read more