We collected the best DOTA 2 teams in 2022. If you are interested in the most exciting esport betting, then you should try and find a match that includes these names. If you understand the competition of esport teams, then you might realize just how heated this leaderboard cold-war is at the moment. Teams are collecting points to better their starting in big competitions. ... read more

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2019 brought something new to the video-game market. The world of competitive online PC games is focusing on a new play-mode. They named it as auto-chess or auto-battler. They are very simple, they only include solo (or sometimes duo) queues. To win, you will need a mixture of strategy and luck. If you are into eSport gambling, you should prepare for that in 2020 you will mostly bet on auto chess. ... read more

Dota 2 is exceedingly intimidating especially if you accidentally end up playing your first game with random strangers. Things can get a little sweaty when you do not know which lane you are being told to switch to. This will be a comprehensive run-through the basics that one needs to know about how to play Dota 2 and a summary of how a single game unfolds. ... read more

DOTA 2 betting is getting more and more popular every year. It’s one of the best multiplayer online battle arena video games in the world. If you want to make some extra money from this exciting video game, go ahead and read our Beginner’s Guide to DOTA 2 Betting. ... read more