This time on our 2021 European Tour betting preview, the focus is on the Race to Dubai. According to the Race to Dubai betting predictions, the race to be the European Tour’s number one player is tight.  So far, Collin Morikawa leads the competition with the best 2021 Race to Dubai betting odds to win. ... read more

Successfully hitting on the winning lottery numbers, perhaps on sites like Lotto Agent, should be a joyous thing. A life changing moment leading to bliss. Instead, many winners find that social media and the internet wishes to spoil all that. Apparently, you can be as lucky as you wish, you just have to keep it to yourself. Even the very best lotto jackpot reviews would accurately term the internet’s response as nasty. So, has the internet’s tentacles spoiled even winning the lottery? ... read more

Gambling is traditionally and religiously prohibited in Islamic countries. Thus, gambling in the United Arab Emirates in strictly forbidden for religious reasons. But it is still practiced through online gambling sites in UAE in some parts of the region. The country follows Islamic laws and has all the tools and possibilities to prosecute anyone caught gambling. Thus, even though citizens may have access to a number of casino sites.  ... read more

In recent years, countries like Dubai, Qatar or Saudi Arabia have appeared more and more in the sports calendar, hosting different world events. They are also investing lots of money into foreign clubs, the growing influence of the Gulf states in sports is unquestionable. ... read more