Stranger Things has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix, with a huge fan base and a real cult status. After the dramatic end of Season 3, most of us can’t wait to see the new season. Which will only debut in 2022 but you can already make some guesses in the Stranger Things Season 4 special bets on different bookmaker sites.  ... read more

Jim Hopper is easily one of the most beloved characters in Stranger Things after, of course, Alexei. Season 3 ending was one of the most heartbreaking scenes to experience from the entire series. Hopper being his usual heroic self ventures into the Russian secret underground base and dies in an explosion triggered to seal the portal to the Upside Down. Although, the post-credit scene unveils a mystery American who is imprisoned by the Russians. Fans believe they know the identity of the mystery American, aka, Jim Hopper. Stranger Things sheriff predictions provide numerous bets which debate upon the fate of Eleven’s dad. ... read more