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Spring is coming. Therefore, finally, we can make our Leauge of Legends European Champions  Spring Predictions. LEC 2020 odds picture that G2 eSports will achieve a flawless victory. However, Fnatic still has a glimmer of hope. All the MOBA fans are buzzing around the next Game of the Week. On Saturday the two teams will face each other. This match will clarify the probability of a Fnatic victory. ... read more

Nowadays, eSport betting is a real thing. Probably, the most prestigious way to bet on video games if you pop up the Dota 2 Betting Sites. Dota 2 requires the most professional and prepared players to achieve great victories. Despite, LoL is more popular, you should never forget what is the original and real way of playing MOBA. ... read more

As the eSport industry is growing bigger every day, so does the demand for betting availability. Police were arresting six gamers in Australia after two-months long investigation for match-fixing in CSGO. They purposedly throw at least five matches and were placing bets on them. Where are we to judge anybody. Cocks killing people all over the world, bolts of lightning are charing on innocent football players. What can we expect? Sure these guys were trying to make some money. But after all, match-fixing in CSGO is still a shitty move. ... read more

The eSport industry tries to draw more female gamers and fans. We can say, they are successful. In reflection of the change in the scene of professional players, we made an up to date list of the top 5 female eSport players in 2019. ... read more

The 2019 championship is delayed and it will only be held in 2020 February. In this early period, the multipliers are all high. 2019 Magic World Championship odds indicate that Javier Dominguez will win the act. Also, based on the odds the winner surely will be European. Take a glimpse at the statistics and betting predictions with us. ... read more

The first time I played counter-strike 1.6 back in 2005 I remember I really hated the game. I didn’t understand the context, I was rushing out as the round started, then I had to watch as a spectator till the next round. As time passed I gained knowledge, skills, and love for the game. Here are some of my own tips and many tips from professionals on how to improve in CSGO. ... read more

After the appearance of this new genre, all of the big game companies created their versions. Despite Blizzard only released Hearthstone Battlegrounds in November, it can be the biggest success of its kind. We expect that in 2020 the betting on autobattlers will go viral. Therefore, if you bet on eSport, you should bet on HS Battlegrounds as well. ... read more