The Conservative government in Britain is cracking down on gamblers. After touting it for years they’ve now instituted a ban on credit card gambling in the UK. This will place pressure both on those who like to bet on sports in the UK, and online bookies. Sites like Bet365 will now have to hope 10.5 million people can change their habits. That’s how many people are gambling with a credit card in the UK right now. Apparently that’s not enough. So here’s 7 reasons it’s a bad idea. ... read more

Britain’s departure from the EU has a new official date of 31st October 2019. After the delay from March 2019, the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson does not wish to linger the process any further. He plans on leaving the EU with or without the infamous Brexit deal. Will all of this lead to an EU referendum before 2020? ... read more

Taking all the fun out of laughing at the US for electing an orange white supremacist the people of Britain now face Brexit betting Boris Johnson, of all people, will be able to navigate the nation through some of its history’s most choppy waters. Despite the squalls ahead the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK today, still give the Tories the shortest odds to get the most seats, but a general election is far from the only possibility on the horizon. ... read more