European football

Though it’s only July, football fans have already learned about some interesting transfers. Top strikers like Robert Lewandowski, Sadio Mane, and Raheem Sterling have swapped clubs while some of the biggest talents have been signed by top European clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Let’s see some of the major football transfers this summer.  ... read more

16 teams are fighting for a place in the 2021/22 Europa League round of 16 to join the eight winning teams of the group stage. One of the biggest matches is expected between Napoli and Barcelona where any result is possible after a 1-1 draw. Just like the Lazio vs Porto or the Real Sociedad vs RB Leipzig ties according to the 2021/22 Europa League playoffs predictions.  ... read more

There are at least three reasons why AC Milan will win Serie A this year. The football club has been showing great results during the last 12 months, so it is predicted to be among the favorites in 2020-2021. Let’s see why betting on Milan to win its 19th top-tier Italian championship title is reasonable. ... read more

Football is the most popular sport game in the world with billions of fans, so it obviously influences many other life spheres and industries. Music is not an exception. There are many tracks devoted to football or written exclusively for big competitions. Here are 5 of them we find the best songs about football. ... read more

Becoming a football player seems like being under the spotlight for many young men. However, most of them are far from Ronaldo’s glory and income, although their talent is difficult to deny. Sadly, many outstanding players have been playing in the wrong team or in the wrong time to hold the top spot. So, we have prepared our subjective list of the least appreciated footballers ever who were either overshadowed by bigger names or failed to unlock their potential in second-tier clubs. ... read more

Being a football manager is not an easy thing as you have to not only develop playing tactics for your own team but also predict your opponents’ steps. Being an excellent football manager is double more difficult but there are ones who cope with their tasks perfectly. Here is the list of the 7 most successful football managers ever. ... read more

If you miss football as much as we do, check the list of the best goalkeepers today. All of them are still active in sports and have no signs of soonest retirement. Hopefully, we will see them playing this year, but now let’s figure out the king of the field. ... read more

Belarus is full of talented players, many of them are signed to foreign football clubs. Thus, the best footballer of the country, Alyaksandr Martynovich, plays for Krasnodar in Russia. Another Russian club, Ural, has Dzyanis Palyakow, while Nikita Naumov is in Kazakh Zhetysu. In this list, we will cover only players who participate in the Belarusian Premier League. ... read more