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All in all, there is no denying that the UEFA Euro 2020 is a highlight on this year’s football calendar. What’s more, everyone from players to fans is gearing up for the tournament. Now, you can get in on the action by playing the role of manager on the Euro 2020 fantasy tournament. ... read more

Four years ago, Britain decided to leave the EU for the first time in its history. Poland can follow its steps in the upcoming years. “Polexit” is close to becoming reality like never before for a number of reasons. Check why one should bet on Poland to leave the EU in 2021 or 2022. ... read more

European gambling culture is well developed and multi-facetted. The numerous diverse nations that comprise the continent give rise to a huge variation of laws, regulations, attitudes and traditions. This has meant the harmonization so sought by exponents of the European Union has faced an uphill struggle. Online betting sites in Germany like Bet365 should be able to operate anywhere in the EU, but several nations operate a closed shop. So is a unification of gambling in Europe a pipe dream?  ... read more

Most nations have their own unique gambling culture but as the internet inserts itself into every facet of our lives, is that under threat? Will there be a homogeneity to gambling inflicted by the digital revolution, or can we retain some individuality? Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 present an unrivalled convenience, but also bring a uniformity too. Around the world the gaming market is changing and with it the very culture of gambling is also changing. Not always for the better.   ... read more

Between the 23rd and 26th of May, citizens of the EU will go to the polls to decide who will have seats in the parliament. These elections will be crucial for the Union’s future, as they might mark the end of the centrist coalition. Gamblers will benefit from a bet on the far-right at the EU Elections. ... read more

What are the top four events to shake up the EU in 2019? We predict the future of the European Union to be hit by new referendums in all of Italy, Poland and Spain. Italy might also consider leaving the Eurozone. In addition, Mark Rutte could become the new president of the European Commission, at least according to the bookies. ... read more