Eurovision Song Contest

Look through the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 odds to learn who will become the Danish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Ben and Tan are the most likely to win so far, but there are other talented artists worth betting on. ... read more

Let me guess: you expected them to win, but they finished second. Unfortunately, the ESC history remembers many cases when the owner of the Glass Microphone was less wanted than the second chop. So, here is our list of best Eurovision runners-up who were robbed of victory in the 21st century. ... read more

Credits to be among the greatest Eurovision winners ever is not a thing anyone can get easily. However, there are contestants who succeeded in writing their names in the ESC long history. Let’s discover the best songs of the European main music competition for 63 years. ... read more

The 60th edition of the biggest music competition in Sweden will traditionally take place this year. From February to March, people will choose the one to go to Eurovision in May 2020. You can also bet on Melodifestivalen to reveal the further contestant, who is likely to be Felix Sandman. ... read more

It is, according to UK gambling laws, illegal to bet on human suffering and yet the bookies like Bet365 are still offering prices on one of the Williams Formula One drivers winning the next Grand Prix at Spa in Belgium. They’ll claim there’s a slight chance Russell or Kubica could actually win by dint of technical and driving prowess, or the lack thereof in others, but we all know the truth; the only way either of those cars could win a Grand Prix is if everyone else dies. ... read more

Having voted to leave the EU the UK now finds itself having to vote on whom to send to the EU represent it. No, I haven’t mistyped that, this is really what’s happening. To add mud to the mire at present the EU Election odds on the Brexit Party at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK these days, seem to indicate they’ll win the most seats. Indeed backing the Brexit Party could be the only way to benefit from this very British and ever more bizarre farcical situation. ... read more

Beyond the lunatics in their charity fancy dress, the sincere but sweaty worthies raising money for good causes and those who just enjoy running twenty-six miles for fun the elite races are a serious business in of itself. For none of the competitors is that more true than for London’s local Somali hero. Indeed you’d almost have to be heartless not to take up the 2019 London Marathon odds on Mo Farah at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK.It’s a fairytale. ... read more