Fabiano Caruana

The 2021 Tata Steel Masters will undoubtedly be among the top must-see tournaments in the upcoming chess season. Fortunately, bettors and fans alike can get in on the actions with our 2021 Tata Steel Masters betting preview. ... read more

The 2020 Norway Chess tournament will soon take place with many familiar faces returning to the competition. Currently, defending champion Magnus Carlsen is the top hopeful to bet on Norway Chess 2020. However, Carlsen will need to be mindful of Fabiano Caruana who has the second-best odds of winning the competition.  ... read more

Chess is one of the oldest board games in history that is a sport played sitting down. It has originated in India sometime around the 6th century AD. Ever since chess was invented, people have taken great interest in the game as it is a competition between the minds. Currently, the World Chess Champion is the Norwegian Grand Master Magnus Carlsen. The Norwegian is set to defend his world title in December against an opponent who is yet to be determined. The bet on the World Chess Championship is still open between several players as the challenger is not determined yet. ... read more

The qualifying games just started but you can wager on the event already. In the world of mental games, this is the most prestigious happening. Take a glimpse at our 2020 Chess World Championship betting predictions to forecast will the Norwegian champion defends his title. Magnus Carlsen is a young talent with breathtaking chess achievements. ... read more

When planning to bet on 2019 Norway Chess, most likely the first name which pops up in the heads is of Magnus Carlsen. In this case, it is better to search for another option. The reason is simple: Magnus is not invincible, and he has his weak points as well. Better to go with someone like Fabiano Caruana this time. Depending on his match strategy, Caruana is able to win the Norway chess tournament. ... read more