Sport is a beautiful thing, it brings out the worst and best patriotic sentiments in people. Each individual sport can make crowds scream their lungs out- praises or abuses based on the performance of their teams. On the other hand, the Olympics takes the upper hand in aggravating crowds and countries alike. Why? The Olympics hosts 33 sports. Then the patriotism multiplies. We were due to see the Olympics in Tokyo this year, however, due to coronavirus, a new date was allocated for the sports event. The best you can do is to indulge yourself in some rather mind-blowing Olympics facts. These might last you another year. ... read more

We know how rules sometimes equal to no fun but we trust that in this regard they are necessary. Rules are essentially the backbone of any sport and without them, it would be pure chaos. Hence, every sport comes with a rule handbook that serves to remind everyone how to be precise in gameplay. However, some rules make one second guess the reason for it even existing. We have 10 weird sports rules for you and you can be the judge of which one is the most bizarre. ... read more

Here I am to tell you how can you make money with flat Earth theory. Do you think that the earth is flat? No? Take a step back and think again! Things that we think are certain are actually just a matter of beliefes. What if you would learn in school that the American continent is a big UFO that was landed thousands and thousand years ago? Everyone would believe that and you would believe it as well. We can’t do much but trust our instinct. Just think about that North-Koreans think that they are living in a perfect country and trust me many of them believe that. Those photos of tears on the faces of people next to Kim are real. People of North Korea are told that the US is spoiled and evil, that they are lucky to live in North Korea. ... read more