Being a referee is not as simple as it may seem. Being among the best football referees ever is even harder as any mistake can result in a failure that will be remembered for ages. Here are 9 most respected arbiters in football history who coped with their task in the best way possible. ... read more

Sadly sports can’t be free from corruption either, like other parts of life. In the last few years we could hear about corruption from different organisations from FIFA to the Olympic Committee. But in the biggest corruption scandals in sports we can find examples from other sports and their leaders who all had dirty secrets during their work. ... read more

Are you someone who does not enjoy casinos but would like to gamble? If you answered yes, then online betting is your best option. There are countless events going on in the world that you could bet on and earn money. But probably you could make more money gambling on the massive events. We list down for you the biggest events to bet on and ways to earn money out of them! ... read more

Nice one Daniel, nice one son, nice one Daniel, he’s got another one! Yes, Daniel Sturridge, the former England, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea footballer managers to find a way to get himself suspended from all footballing activity for four months. This comes after his initial punishment was deemed as being too lenient. ... read more

As everyone must have heard, Manchester City has been banned from European football competitions for two years after breaking financial fair play regulations. The club has appealed against the decision, but if it stays, several key players can leave the club, including Sterling. In the Raheem Sterling’s next club bets Real Madrid has the smallest odds, but the names of a few other major clubs are also mentioned. ... read more

For those of you football fans who have been living under a rock for the past couple years, a new form of refereeing has been making an impact on the Premier League. VAR is this new technology helping referee games from the sidelines. ... read more

Pierluigi Collina: the greatest referee between the years of 1995 and 2005. The one man with a steady hand in the greatest of all football games. From the Olympics and World Cup finals to the Champions League and UEFA Cup finals. For over 10 years, Pierluigi Collina was the man entrusted with controlling the inner frustrations, the fits of rage and the tantrums of multi-millionaire competitors. And all at the highest level of their game and all driven with a need to succeed at any cost. ... read more

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Recently it happens more and more often, that different teams are punished with transfer bans in football. It can be a result of a breach of a contract or some rules, like signing an underage player, and can have lasting effects on a club. Like in the case of Chelsea which received a ban last season for the next two transfer windows, but seems to be reborn in spite of that.  ... read more