Figure skating as a kind of sport may not be as mainstream as football or hockey, but it still attracts lots of fans – especially at big competitions. It gets the most attention during the certain world- and continental championships, and the Olympics. Before the 2022 Winter Games arrive, learn what are the best figure skaters in history. ... read more

Even if it’s only for fun or for more competitive reasons, having your children to do some sports can only be beneficial for both of you. He will be more confident, will learn skills he can use later in his life and it’s good for his health as well. The importance of youth sports is indisputable, let’s see them in detail.  ... read more

Mixed-sex Sports

Though female and male athletes have obvious physical differences, there are sports where they actually compete together or even against each other. Just think about mixed doubles in tennis or the new mixed relays in swimming, but female jockeys are also common. You can also meet these mixed-sex sports, there is a list of sports where it is more likely to happen. ... read more

Alina Zagitova seems to be the right choice to place a bet on at the European Figure Skating Championship in 2019. Despite her age, she has collected several prestigious medals during her career. Zagitova has set the world record scores 4 times already. This year she has 1.5 odds for winning. Betting on her win is a smooth deal. ... read more