Final Four

FC Barcelona Lassa are the most successful handball team in Europe, it has already won the EHF Champions League a record 9 times. Last season they finished third, after beating the Polish side Kielce in the third-place game.  According to EHF Champions League 2020 betting predictions, they are one of the favorites to win the tournament this year.   ... read more

Hungarian team Gyori Audi Eto KC have won the EHF Champions League third time in a row last season. They will try to make history and winning the fourth one. Even with few players leaving the club, the team is still very strong. They managed to replace them with superb players, women’s EHF Champions League betting predictions favour them as the winner again. ... read more

For a sport that originated in France, we shouldn’t be surprised that French teams are leading the Petanque Masters 2018 betting odds. They should be showing up in the Final Four alongside Team Sario and Team Montoro! ... read more

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is such a hyped event that knowing a few things about it could easily prove profitable for punters. The ... read more