Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Sports Stars in Jail

Even the biggest sports stars can commit crimes and break the law. From smaller offenses like an assault to the most serious one, murder, we can find athletes from all kinds of sports. Boxers to NFL players, football players to sprinters, they all passed a line they shouldn’t. Even though they had money, fame, and fortune, their bad nature caused them trouble. These are the most famous sports stars in jail.  ... read more

The sports media is buzzing at the prospect of a Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor fight. This comes after the Philippines boxer signed with the same agency as the Irish former UFC champion fighter. Paradigm Sports Management were pleased to announce their new signing earlier this week raising the chances of a cross-over fight between the two combatants. ... read more

Conor McGregor is in an oddball advertisement. He’s been widely mocked across social media after starring in a shit-storm of an advertisement for a sports betting company. The general consensus is that it’s so bad that it falls into the “so bad, it’s awful” category. ... read more