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Everyone knows how far the betting industry has expanded in recent years. It brings hundreds of millions of dollars annually just in the US, to say nothing about all countries where betting is legal. However, do you know what are the most popular sports for betting in the world? While the number one is easy to predict, check out the other sports people like betting on. ... read more

Diego Armando Maradona was born in the slums of Buenos Aires. He managed to escape poverty by becoming a world football superstar. Many believe that he surpassed even the Brazilian Pele. Brilliant, scandalous, and outrageous Diego Maradona. A football icon with its flaws. One of the most gifted players in football, he possessed a rare combination of fuse, brilliance, tactical vision, and speed that captivated fans. However, many fans were enraged by his famous “hand of God” goal and repulsed by drug-related escapades off the field and a string of scandals in his personal life. So stick with us to know more about Diego Maradona scandals and history. ... read more

In the football world, several tournaments attract the special attention of many fans. On each continent, champions and prize-winners of national championships find out who is the best among them. However, the most popular and prestigious were and remain the official club tournaments in Europe. But why is that? In this article, we will look at UEFA Champions League history. ... read more

After the recent sacking of José Mourinho, bookies were quick to publish their Tottenham next manager predictions and odds. Italian manager Maurizio Sarri opens as a favorite to take over the team. However, the most recent reports indicate otherwise as Tottenham’s chairman has set his goal to sign Leipzig’s current head coach Julian Nagelsmann. Regardless of those rumors, there is no clear favorite yet. Therefore, take this chance to bet on who you think will take it as the odds profit margins are still high. ... read more

The 2020-2021 Champions League is in its full flow. Half of the second match days in the Group stage have already been played, except for Group E – its clubs are next. Check Krasnodar vs Chelsea preview to see the latest odds on both teams to win and score. ... read more

Pep Guardiola transfer odds are available as there are doubts about his future at Manchester City. Although Guardiola has said on numerous occasions that he is happy at The Citizens, we could see him at a different club starting next season. Some of the top teams in Europe are currently struggling and need a head coach like Guardiola to help them out. Do you think he stays at Manchester City, or does he go for a different challenge? ... read more