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Since its first appearance on the football field, VAR has been often criticized for many reasons. They include creating additional confusion, ousting a human factor, and numerous technical difficulties. Thanks to it, referees have made many wrong moves, so let’s refresh in mind the most controversial VAR decisions. ... read more

Being a referee is not as simple as it may seem. Being among the best football referees ever is even harder as any mistake can result in a failure that will be remembered for ages. Here are 9 most respected arbiters in football history who coped with their task in the best way possible. ... read more

Pierluigi Collina: the greatest referee between the years of 1995 and 2005. The one man with a steady hand in the greatest of all football games. From the Olympics and World Cup finals to the Champions League and UEFA Cup finals. For over 10 years, Pierluigi Collina was the man entrusted with controlling the inner frustrations, the fits of rage and the tantrums of multi-millionaire competitors. And all at the highest level of their game and all driven with a need to succeed at any cost. ... read more

So you want to become a football referee. Yes, someone’s got to do it, but are you sure it’s you? Half the fans will hate you. And if you make a bad decision, the other half will hate you too. ... read more