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Sergio Ramos transfer odds and predictions have been headlining many media outlets news. The negotiations with Real Madrid are falling apart which caught the attention of many of European clubs. Reports out of England say that Manchester City is seriously considering making an offer, while PSG is closely monitoring the situation. Additionally, several other clubs from other parts of Europe are also considering making a move. However, the future of Ramos is still unclear as Real Madrid is not ready yet to give him up.  ... read more

Top European clubs don’t mind spending a fancy price for getting the best players in the world. However, some of them surpassed themselves in attempts to hook these football stars. Here are the top-7 most expensive football transfers of all time and you will see plenty of familiar faces on the list. ... read more

Paul Pogba is closer than ever to leave the Albion. The French central midfielder is done with Manchester United and the club is ready to part ways with him. With top squads from European leagues still interested, betting agencies reopen Paul Pogba transfer predictions. Check out the main clubs he may join next season. ... read more

The officials of Juventus and Barcelona are finishing the negotiations about Pogba’s transfer, according to some reports. The negotiation between FC Barcelona and ... read more