Formula 1

Hungarian Grand Prix 2021 winner predictions are out. Following the dramatic results in Silverstone, the tables have turned in Hamilton’s favor. You can bet on the British superstar to get his fifth victory or support Verstappen to get the lead back this August. ... read more

Formula 1 drivers don’t have too much time to rest as the circuit moves to Spain for the Catalan Grand Prix this weekend. Lewis Hamilton showcased his superb skills again in the previous race in Portimao. So it’s not surprising at all that he is the biggest favorite to win in the 2021 F1 Spanish race odds. But Max Verstappen will surely try everything to keep up with the Mercedes driver. While Valteri Bottas should show some results now.   ... read more

Less than 100 days until the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. So we thought it’s time to have a look and make a list of the best Japanese athletes right now. Some of them will also compete in the Olympics as a favorite for the gold medal. But we can also find top athletes in other sports like figure skating, basketball and even in Formula 1.  ... read more

Pictures about a goal celebration or the disappointment of the losers are general topics of sports photographers. But it takes experience, practice and unique talent to capture the most memorable moments in sport. Like Michael Jordan’s superb shot or Muhammad Ali’s fatal punch which everyone can still remember. Thanks to the best sports photographers of all time who took photos about these magical events. ... read more

Being a top athlete is also a  great responsibility as thousands of fans can follow your every movement. So everything you do has a huge importance from what clothes you’re wearing to the ideas you embrace. In recent years more and more people in sports have started to support movements about important issues like police brutality or gender equality. We collected a list of the top athletes involved in activism, let’s see them below.  ... read more

Every year we can witness the emergence of young drivers with some of them already achieving huge successes. From Formula 1 to NASCAR, there are great talents in every motorsports who can soon become the biggest stars of their sports. These are the top young drivers to watch out in 2021. ... read more

There are drivers who have tried themselves out in different motorsports during their careers, from Rally races to NASCAR. While others look for alternative options after their Formula 1 career, like Fernando Alonso or the latest driver, Romain Grosjean. Here are the most versatile motorsport drivers with successes in different motorsports. ... read more

Lewis Hamilton’s seventh F1 world title, Bayern Munich’s treble and the Los Angeles Lakers’ first NBA title in 10 years all belong to the biggest sports victories in 2020. Even though this year was a strange and shortened season with many events being cancelled, we could still witness some great moments.  ... read more

Best F1 Driver Debuts Ever

George Russell could have won his first Formula 1 race replacing Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes but he wasn’t lucky this time. It would have been an amazing debut for the young Brit driving a Silver Arrow, but his performance was still impressive. Just like the following drivers in our list of the best F1 driver debuts ever.  ... read more