Formula 1

There is no break at the moment in Formula 1. After the first two races in Austria this weekend comes the Hungarian Grand Prix. Looks like not much has changed in the new season, at least in the order of the teams. Mercedes is still ahead of everyone after winning the first two races in the season. Bet on the Hungarian Grand Prix now, where we check if anyone can compete with the Silver Arrows.  ... read more

After a very long wait, finally fans can watch a Formula 1 race again with all the best drivers from Lewis Hamilton to Max Verstappen. The first race of the season will be in the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. In preparation for the race we took a look back to the previous races and made a list of the best Austrian Grand Prix moments.  ... read more

The life of a famous athlete or team can be a very good topic for a documentary as many people are curious about their lives on and off the field. The best sports documentaries show details we haven’t known before from highs to lows. They also tell the stories of extraordinary performances and the dark sides of sports.  ... read more

The long Easter weekend will give us a chance to watch lots of movies, so we thought we will give you some tips and make a list of the best sports movies of all time. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you can enjoy these films from dramas to comedies, all with sports and athletes in their focus. ... read more

Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault, the biggest carmakers with all successful teams in Formula 1. But not every team was so lucky to have a big factory behind them. These smaller ones had to rely on rich patrons who would finance the team. But in the cases of the worst Formula 1 teams in history, even money and enthusiasm were not enough to get them to the level of the other teams. ... read more

It’s less than a month to go until the new Formula 1 season, so we might be better off checking all the predictions and chances. I’m afraid we can’t really expect big surprises, still, Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are the favorites to win the world title and the first race as well. His teammate and the mighty youngsters can come closest to him according to the 2020 Australian Grand Prix odds. ... read more

Cancelled Sports Events

Several big sports events have been cancelled in China due to the dangers of the coronavirus, including the World Indoor Athletics Championships. It is a very special situation now but other big events have been also cancelled in the past due to reasons like bad weather, the strike of the players, failed sponsorships or terrorist attacks. Let’s see some of the main cancelled sports events.  ... read more

Bet on F1 2020 Pre-Season

The year has begun! In my opinion, the most interesting event is the presentation of the new Formula 1 team cars and, of course, preseason tests 2020. Don’t you agree? New Year holidays are left behind, and before the start of pre-season tests, there is not much time. You can already check the odds for F1 and bet on F1 2020 preseason. ... read more

Tragic deaths in sports

Tragic news rocked the fans of basketball yesterday, the death of the American basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. He died in a fatal helicopter accident in the bad weather. Unfortunately, his death is not the only one, as we were getting to know many similar tragic deaths in sports in the past few years. ... read more