Frank Sinatra

The stories are legion. The rumors widespread. The images famous. Las Vegas sprang up and became a mecca for gamblers. By the 1960s it was just hitting its stride as gambling in the sixties took on a sheen of celebrity. From the Rat Pack to the Mafia it was a magical land of smoke and mirrors people found fascinating. The aspirational boom, that still drives online betting sites in the US today like, brought in the punters by the millions and made Vegas the legend it is today.   ... read more

These days it’s quite hard not to want to rob a casino. The idea is almost everyone’s plan B on a night out in Vegas. Cinema implanted this amusing little notion, of course, by constant returning to the subject. Over the years, it might have got a little more polished in its presentation, but what hasn’t? The old sweaty bookies have been replaced by the gleaming web pages of online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, so perhaps it’s no surprise casino robbery movies have also evolved. ... read more

Gambling has been inspiring artists for many years. It inspired authors like Dostoyevski, Hemingway to write. Also, it inspired directors to shoot many famous casino movies. And, of course, it inspired musicians and songwriters to write songs about this exciting experience. In this article, we have collected the best gambling songs of all time. You can find here songs in almost every musical genre country, soul, rock, heavy metal, and pop. Well, check out our list to find songs to listen to when you play at online gambling sites. ... read more