Gaelic football

2020 All-Ireland Senior Championship is fast approaching with another round of action-packed Gaelic football. Currently, you can bet on Gaelic football 2020 top contenders such as Limerick, Tipperary and Galway. However, will you risk it all and take a chance current longshots Dublin and Laois? ... read more

These sports are real delicacies and probably only the hardest gamblers would know them in normal circumstances. But now, when most of the sports are suspended or cancelled, they can get more attention as odds are still available for them. From Bandy to Keirin, we show you all the special sports you can bet on.  ... read more

We already described the rules of Gaelic football in our previous article. Now we’d like to give a more in-depth description of the history of Gaelic Football. A rough form of the sport was played during the middle ages and today’s soccer and rugby evolved from it. At today’s times, you can easily reach these sports events trough online sportsbooks in the UK. ... read more