gambling addiction

When thinking about March, many recall the first days of spring. The new season brings the renewal of nature, nicer weather and it always means the end of winter. Well, for the last couple of years it means something more for wagers and other characters in the gambling business. It is gambling problem awareness month! ... read more

Most celebrities love spending money on their extravagant desires, and gambling is one of them. There are many celebrities who love spinning the roulette wheel or put their acting skills to the test on casino. Some of these celebrities have mastered professional gambling skills and expertise. And many of them are even engaging in it as a second career. However, a significant number of them are amateurs who take gambling as a hobby and end up losing a lot of money as a result of their addiction to it. Here is a list of celebrities addicted to gambling. ... read more

The UK Gambling Commission announced that starting from 14, April, credit card payment will no longer be an option for almost all forms of gambling. The Safer Online Gambling Group state that the ban will minimize financial harm for problem gamblers. Along with credit card ban in gambling, online betting sites in the UK will have to sign up to GamStop self-exclusion scheme. ... read more