gambling ads

Gambling has been around in Ireland for centuries. And as we know, with any form of wagering comes the advertising of the game. So, for the last many, many decades we have seen ads promoting horse races, land-based casinos, online wagering platforms, and so on. But as for now, it looks like that the industry is facing some changes on the way, thanks to the Irish Labour Party. Here is why Ireland considers gambling ad ban. ... read more

Hold onto your hats everyone….Google has just announced that it’s prepared to change it’s stance on US gambling advertisements in 2020. The plan is to ease up on casino advertising and rid the internet of the sweeping ban on gambling ads. ... read more

Major gambling operators have been discussing the restriction of gambling advertising on sport broadcasts. Finally, the annual review of the Code of Socially Responsible Advertising will most likely contain modifications concerning gambling ads in the UK. ... read more