Gambling Commission

Parliament revising UK gambling laws is a populist move at a time Brexit isn’t making them popular. Unfortunately, this means MPs are not very popular amongst the gambling industry at present. In protection of their profits, the industry is strident in its criticism of current proposals. None more so than racing. Indeed they warn that perhaps this will lead to sites like Bet365 being unable to offer odds on UK horse racing at all. But is that even remotely close to being true? ... read more

It is not, despite all that Hollywood might suggest, just in Las Vegas that criminals have close links to Casinos. They might bury fewer bodies in the desert but they are still there. The average punter, of course, uses online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 to get their kicks. The high rollers, however, require more atmosphere. The Park Lane Club is an establishment specifically for them. It’s just a shame the gambling commission calls it a money laundering casino, isn’t it? ... read more

What is the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)? It is one of the leading charitable organizations dedicated to the treatment and prevention of gambling problems. They founded RGT several years ago to minimize the harm that one can obtain from irresponsible gambling. For the past years, the organization has been fighting against addiction problems. Therefore, the staff at RGT is confident that the ludoman should receive expert help and psychological support as quickly as possible. ... read more

Every year the Royal Ascot is held in the Summer, in the third week of June. The Queen is there along with all the cream of the racing industry. Last year was no different. Except that seven UK racecourse bookmakers are about to be a lot less well off. ... read more