Gambling in India

Casinos in India stand out for their extraordinary originality. In the late 90s of the 20th century, gambling was prohibited by law here. However, a network of illegal establishments has always existed and brought in over $ 60 billion a year. Nowadays, gambling is legal in three states: Goa, Sikkim, and Punjab. Thus, let’s look at the TOP 5 Indian casino resorts! ... read more

Satta Matka is a legendary lottery game that has been played since the 1950s. Nowadays, you can still find it at chosen gambling sites. If you are interested in trying it, here you have everything about the Satta Matka lottery explained. ... read more

Archery betting is a thing. It’s called Teer and is a traditional lottery game based on archery which is played in certain parts of India. Namely, Shillong which is the capital city of Meghalaya, a hilly state in Northern India. The word “teer” literally means, “arrow”. ... read more

Legalized gambling in India has long been acknowledged by the pragmatists and realists of this world as a sensible and necessary step forward and if you’re Indian gambling news headlines this week herald a new era of gaming in the country you may well be right. It is rare for anyone within the establishment to accept the inevitable, but the new Law Commission report paves the way for proper regulation and oversight of sites like Betrallyindia Sportsbook in India so we take a look. ... read more